Why Europe? European bike tours

Why Europe?

Simply because ‘Cycling Europe’ is the ultimate biker’s dream!

Europe: small & beautiful

Although Europe is the world’s smallest continent, it's large on variety! You will cycle here through a range of different countries, each with its own culture, landscapes and gastronomy. From the sunny Côte d'Azur coastline to the snow-capped Alps, from the canals in Amsterdam to the Roman Colosseum, from the stirring chimes of London’s Big Ben to the birthplace of Louis Pasteur.

Incomparable cycling infrastructure

With numerous quiet roads and bike paths connecting villages, towns and cities, Europe is the undisputed world leader in cycling infrastructure. From extensive bike paths in Amsterdam and Paris, to the peaceful Loire Bike Trail or Tour de Manche on the Atlantic coast. The perfect surroundings for a safe and relaxed cycling holiday, whether a short break or a long-distance route.

Diverse landscapes & natural beauty

From polar Lapland in Scandinavia to the subtropic coastlines of Italy and Spain, from French and German volcanic landcapes to the moors and dales of England. Enjoy birdwatching on the sandy Dutch Isles, picture a colourful world of alpine flowers, rest after a climb through the Tuscan hills or relax on a flat route below sea level. Europe: sensational from spring to summer to autumn.

Unrivalled culture & architecture

No other continent is blessed with such an amazing collection of architecture. From England's Gothic cathedrals to the renaissance villas of Italy, from Gaudi’s Barcelona masterpieces to the ‘canal ring’ in Amsterdam, from imposing medieval German castles to modern museums like Bilbao's Guggenheim. Europe: an amazing world from folklore to modernity.

Food & wine

Not a sidelight, but a highlight! Europe provides endless culinary options, from cosy bistros to Michelin star restaurants. Taste amazing tapas in Spain, French cheese, Italian coffee and pastries, Belgian chocolate or Dutch herring. Try famous Champagne bubbles, Piemonte’s Barolo and prestigious French Meursault… and don’t forget to sample delicious Belgian beer brewed by monks.

Unknown, hidden secrets

Of course we all know the great European treasures: Florence and Siena in Tuscany, alpine Mont Blanc, moorish Granada, colourful Dutch tulip fields... But in addition to these must-see places, our handmade carefully and artfully designed trips will take you to the lesser-known hidden gems on the continent. 

xperience the joy, discover Europe by bike with the local experts from European Bike Tours.

Keep cycling with European Bike Tours and collect memories that will last a lifetime!


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